Hauntings in the Grim Shade

by Dark Spell

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Deron Baker
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Deron Baker Really good guitar riffs. Reminds me of the artist Taake.
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Back in the early 90's, I was a die-hard Death Metal fan - soaking up the most extreme music the US had to offer. During that same time, there was another, altogether different vision of extreme music developing in Norway. But thanks to the pre-internet age, I was unaware. It wasn't till nearly 12 years later, prompted by the watered-down, Americanized imports of the "third wave," that I explored this sub-genre with an obsessive and almost academic completeness. Thoroughly inspired by a switch in focus from brutality to atmosphere, I set about creating my own one-man Norwegian Black Metal band (performed by an American-born man of German decent). This is technically Dark Spell's second album - the first being more of a learning process than a complete outing. There are moments where one could argue that it slips into progressive-metal, but that is the marrow of my metal bones and sometimes it is simply unavoidable. I mean this as a tribute (not a parody) to the one discovery of metal in my adult life that has come close to the inspiration I felt back in the golden age of death metal. Enjoy


released November 26, 2010




JK2 Boise, Idaho

JK2 is a one man band which began on a Yamaha four-track back in 1994. Beginning with music akin to the Butthole Surfers, JK2 has branched out to a vast number of genres throughout his career: industrial, metal, experimental, and various forms of electronica. Though his foundation is as a guitar player, JK2 has finally embraced the computer as his main musical tool ... more

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